Resistant and heavy material, its behaviour isn’t the best in wet conditions – suffers oxidation (which we name rust).

To avoid this bad characteristic, we use zinc treatments- “Metallization or galvanization.”

Raw material widely used in the manufacture of bars, doors, guards, gates and other products, which demand resistance or another characteristic.

Commercialized material with the brand name, rail, corners, rebar, edge, bars, beams, sheets and tube, everything with 6 meters length.

Once it reached us, according to the cutting measures it always enters the cut line and here it goes its first way of process or it follows to automatic cutting or normal machines. Pursuing the production itinerary, it could be forwarded to specific machines:

  • guillotine;
  • pressbrakes;
  • milling machine;
  • mechanical lathe;
  • boring machine;
  • welding machine;
  • others.

Generally, when the work is ready, it follows to – Metallization and galvanization.

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