Stainless Steel

Very good appearance material, after being submitted to a last finishing process. Has good reaction if facing adverse weather conditions. Quite used in doors, guards and many other situations that we can imagine, since it’s a material, which being well worked, may bring us good results.

This material arrives in the shape of corners, beams, rebars, rails, sheets and tubes in lengths of 6 meters.

It iniciates its production process always by cutting machines, then it may pass by polishing and welding machines. The boring machines, if the work demands it, will be found along the way, the milling machine is a very important machine, since the quality of the finishing process depends on it. We can’t forget the importance of being professional, because every work is based on it.

We have the ideal conditions in order to dilute the production with the required fluidity.

The product, arriving at the final line, we have specialized staff able to satisfy all the demands at the work assembly.

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